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          IMPEX Industrial Minerals Process Equipment Company

          Equipment and Process Services for the Beneficiation of Clays and Other Industrial Minerals

          • Research
          • Process Design
          • Equipment Design
          • Production Services
          • Process Development
          • Equipment Development
          • Standard Equipment
          • Contract Processing
          • Equipment Parts:
          • EINLEHNER Abrasion Tester Screens, Abraders, Plates
          • ELLIOTT Mills – Hammers, Blungers
          • Blungers – Blades, Liners

          IMPEX - Mining Through Manufacturing of Minerals

          blungerIMPEX offers process development and design services and the equipment to support the production of industrial minerals, including both wet and dry processes, from crude preparation through fine milling to drying.

          IMPEX design and development services are supported by a laboratory and pilot plant (up to 1 tph) and an engineering staff experienced in both wet and dry processing, plant design, and fabrication.

          IMPEX represents several major "name-brand" equipment manufacturers for degritting, screens, magnetic separation, classification, thickening, clarification, milling, filtration and drying.

          IMPEX offers its own equipment suited to high volume preparation of soft or friable minerals such as clays (kaolin, bentonite, attapulgites, ball clay), limestone (marble, dolomite, and arragonite), feldspar, tale and mica.

          PO Box 1028, Milledgeville, GA USA 31061 Telephone: 478-452-5636?Facsimile: 478-452-5636?Email: contact@impexequip.com
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